Design Portfolio

A major strength of Safety Research Corporation of America (SRCA) is our ongoing delivery of graphic design services that communicate an idea or intended message, assist in educating a targeted audience, or make an organization’s identity more recognizable. Our portfolio offers a range of samples to include publications, logo design and branding, website development, and custom illustrations.

With 40 years of combined experience, our design staff is excited about the opportunity to work with you for all your design needs.

Logo Design

Our logo design and development experience includes local, corporate, and government-based clientele; each requiring a very different approach and expectation in product standards. With degrees in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Fine Art, our creative staff is well-versed in design standards and applications.

Website Design

With the ever-changing world of online access and HTML standards, SRCA is aware that your business must be represented across a wide spectrum of formats. Our designers work hand-in-hand with our programming staff to produce eye-catching, yet approachable website designs for any online representation.

We design our sites from the ground up with cross-platform and media scalability in mind. Whether your target audience views your site through a desktop monitor, tablet display, or mobile phone, our team works to ensure that your web presence is accessible and attractive no matter the format.


With experience in photography, free-hand drawing, and color theory, our designers use applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create stunning flat or three-dimensional illustration work.

Our illustration work has been sourced directly by local businesses as well as federal government agencies such as the Mid-Atlantic NOAA Fisheries, the U.S. National Park Service, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

For nearly a decade, our work with the FAA has provided the opportunity to specialize in highly technical illustration work in support of the FAA’s Airman Knowledge Training Handbooks. Because of this experience, our designers have played a major role in redefining the illustrative standards in aviation support around the world.


Our design staff works with several county and federal level clients to produce and ship a wide range of publication media. Whether producing community seasonal event maps or highly specialized technical manuals, we take great pride in our work and are always searching for more efficient methods and technologies to help approach any new project.

In addition to layout design, SRCA also provides editorial and copy editing to include providing industry specific subject matter experts (SME) in support of our clients’ needs. For our more complicated publications, we work directly with our clients providing tiered drafts and samples throughout the project’s life cycle.

Our design staff uses industry standard design tools such as those found in the Adobe Creative Suite and have developed efficient interdepartmental methods for the distribution of workload between copy editing, illustration and graphics support, page layout design, and final printing and publication.

AMT Powerplant Handbook, Volume I Federal Aviation Administration
Good Times Fauquier County Parks and Recreation
Experience Wyoming City of Wyoming, Wyoming Parks and Recreation
Risk Management Handbook Federal Aviation Administration
MI-17 Ground Crew Training Material Honeywell
IVHMU Data Extraction Smart Book Sikorsky
2020 Winter Issue Newsletter NOAA JCSDA
2020 Spring Issue Newsletter NOAA JCSDA
Sexually Transmitted Disease Survey 2017 Centers for Disease Control
Sexually Transmitted Disease Survey 2018 Centers for Disease Control
2018 Commercial Summer Flounder Timeline Mid-Atlantic NOAA Fisheries
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Outreach


Please select a sample below:

• Introduction to the IRS Call Center

This whiteboard animation is a sample video introducing a series of eLearning courses that detail the step IRS Agents need to be familiar with to successfully help taxpayer callers.

• Childhood Obesity

This sample whiteboard animation was created as a proof of concept for a proposal to the CDC using one of the fact sheets on the CDC website.

• IRS Case Study

This whiteboard video uses a Case Study for the IRS on a fictitious company called Green Tree, Inc. The purpose of the video is to educate IRS personnel on the steps involved when conducting an examination of a marijuana wholesale/retail business.

• Department of Defense (DoD) MOU Training Slide

This slide is a demonstration of simple, time-based animations and text-to-speech narration used throughout the DoD MOU training material. The online course is approximately 90 minutes in length and provides several interactive scenarios to test and track user progression.

• Fulton County Mid-air Collision

Based on an aviation accident that took place at the Fulton County Airport in Atlanta, GA, this 3-dimensional animation shows the flight path of a Robinson R22B helicopter that ultimately entered the flight path of a Cessna 152. The helicopter was maneuvering through a climbing left turn, while the fixed-wing aircraft was descending for a final landing approach. The R22B struck the Cessna near the end of the runway field.

• Helms vs Kentucky Power Company Line Collision

This 3-dimensional recreation of a mid-air collision that took place in Pike County, Kentucky, shows the collision of Eurocopter AS 350B with two electrical power lines. The impact occurred approximately ¼ of a mile into travel, from takeoff, where two of five suspended power lines were struck.


This sequences was developed to demonstrate the annunciation warnings of a Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) for in-flight use. The aircraft and environments were modelled and rendered using 3DS Max, while instrument overlays and audio were added using Adobe Premiere Pro.

• Accuracy Map

This 2-dimensional animation was created as part of the ARL Exportable Training Package used to teach aircrew and maintenance personnel fundamental differences between various aviation reconnaissance instruments. This sequence demonstrates the resolution steps and relative detail those steps can provide.

• Airframe Fuel System

This sample video was taken from a stand-alone executable training course designed to introduce and detail various components of the BK 117 helicopter fuel system. 3d models and animations were used to supplement this navigation-based instructive course.

Training Portfolio

Please select a sample below:

• Bureau of Primary Healthcare - Travel 101

In 2019, SRCA was contracted by the Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which funds Health Centers in underserved communities, providing access to high quality, family oriented, comprehensive primary and preventative health care for people who are low-income, uninsured or face other obstacles to getting health care.

• Bureau of Primary Healthcare - Project Officer Basics, Part 2

SRCA is developing online courses to train and support BPHC staff and to support Project Officer technical skill development and Compliance Manual standards and expectations. A streamlined and standardized template for the BPHC courses was developed by SRCA and included knowledge checks, learning activities to practice use of learned content (Skill Practices) and a course evaluation. The courses conform to policies and guides provided by BPHC and pass all HRSA 508 compliance requirements.

• Small Business Administration - Lender Relations Specialist

SRCA was selected for its media and education expertise to memorialize trainings into online learning modules for SBA employees to review and use for continuing education. SRCA attended each of the in-person training sessions and then developed an outline of appropriate online learning modules for each of the three trainings, ensuring it is consistent with best practices in adult learning. Using content from a variety of subject matter experts, existing brochures, standard operating procedures, and research conducted in the industry, SRCA created the content and scripts for all lessons contained in each of the modules.

• Small Business Administration - Business Opportunity Specialist

SRCA developed three sets of 508-compliant online learning modules: one for the SBA’s Business Opportunity Specialists, one for Lending Relations Specialists, and one for Economic Development Specialists. Each of these modules contain numerous lessons that feature interactions, highly visual learning aids, infographics, simulations, and downloadable reference materials. The online learning modules are compatible with the SBA’s Talent Management Center system, which supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. The required types were .au, .crs, .cst, and .des.

• Army Aviation Aircrew Coordination Training (ACT)

This video was filmed on location and edited by SRCA staff to supplement an annual aircrew awareness training course. This example is a demonstration of how in-cabin distractions can lead to simple mistakes that jeopardize mission safety.

• Army Aviation Aircrew Coordination Training (ACT)

This video was filmed and edited by SRCA staff to supplement an annual aircrew awareness training course. This particular video focuses on poor communication, fatigue, and highlights how such factors greatly affect flight crew stress levels.

• Army Aviation Aircrew Coordination Training (ACT)

A sample from the Army ACT training course demonstrating additional stress factors between Pilot and Mission Operator. In this example, the Pilot in Command has requested information from the Mission Operator; however, the Mission Operator is increasingly distracted by incoming COMM updates. All material was filmed on location, in aircraft, by SRCA staff.

• Department of Defense (DoD) MOU Course Intro

Contracted by the DANTES office, SRCA developed a private, online course for colleges and universities participating in educational support for military service men and women. This course outlined several requirements and common misconceptions related to various responsibilities of an institution as required by the MOU agreement. This video introduces the course to all participating institutions.

• National Park Service, New Bedford Whaling

Working directly with staff of the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, SRCA designed and developed an eBook for the park’s Junior Rangers youth visitors. SRCA was tasked to create a fun, interactive presentation to explore various historical themes central to the park’s attraction. Such topics included the connections of New Bedford to whaling, the Underground Railroad, cultural diversity, women’s history, and many others. The end result was an 18-page interactive eBook for web and mobile devices that used custom illustrations to tell the history of New Bedford. Children are introduced to topics that they can then ask their Junior Ranger Guide to further explain. The presentation is provided as both a standalone learning tool and as a supplemental source of material for the park’s Junior Ranger tours.